Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shamanic Healer

I met with a shamanic healer yesterday -- want to cover all the bases. We spent a good session working with energy levels and she had some remarkable insights as to my situation.

- I failed to see what good I had created - My wife had a crazy childhood with lots of instability. The home that we created had lots of stability and was a solid environment for her. In a way, it allowed her to build an emotional base -- sadly one that she then felt strong enough to build her new life upon.

- I needed to let go in a supported environment - it sounds all woo-woo, but she was able to let me see the good that had done and that my allegiances were still pure. It was good for me to hear articulated by another.

We did all the things that you could imagine a native shaman would do - oils, crystals, rattles, drums, feathers, aura cleansing and the like.

I slept well today and will take a salt and clay bath tonight to further detoxify.

Like I said, it all may be woo-woo, but better to leave no stones unturned in dealing with my emotional stability.


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