Friday, November 5, 2010

November Update

I feel bad for neglecting this outlet. I apologize to those who have written words of support for not responding.  I thank you for reaching out to me.

I was pretty upset by the way that this all came down, the way that it all ended up.  I still am.

So, here is the update in bullets, since June.....
  • I drove home for the trial;
  • She petitioned the court for a delay;
  • It was granted -- to September;
  • I drove back home;
  • Her attorney went on vacation for all of August;
  • They stonewalled us on documents;
  • I drove back across country again;
  • They delivered a pile of documents two days before trial;
  • We went to trial;
  • It went badly for me;
  • My lawyer was an asshat;
  • He begged me to settle for 50% of his firm's worst expectation;
  • I gave in and signed the papers;
  • I had a long drive back across the country cursing myself.
So that's it.  Its over.

I feel horrible about it, but want to leave it in my past...

Note to self - only date heterosexual women!

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