Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update - We Move to Trial - Slowly

Sorry it has been so long for me to update.

Sadly, there has been no forward movement and the frustration has been really difficult for me to bear, even more so to talk about. I feel as if we are completely out of control of this divorce process. My lawyer assures me that we are calling the tune, but it seems as if we all are on defense, all the time.

I am hemorrhaging money. Job prospects are slim, even for a good guy like myself. I owe $6,000 to the IRS and don't have a cent to my name. I have borrowed $15K from a good friend and my accounts are at zero.

I was told by the State that she is fighting my unemployment benefits on the basis that I "abandoned" my job. Funny, I just happen to have an e-mail from her lawyer firing me effective 12/1 of last year. That allowed me to collect unemployment benefits which I am living on. Hello Ramen Noodles!

Met with my attorney today. They know how weak I am at this time and are attempting to string out the trial so that she can go "on a well deserved vacation". Ridiculous. I drive across country to prepare for this trial and they want a continuance so that she can hit the beach with her girlfriend.

Sadly, that action shows where her sense of priorities are. Vacation time is more important than dealing with this issue. That's how crazy these women get.

Well, keep your collective chins up. Thanks for writing me, I really appreciate the words of encouragement.



  1. geez. tough spot. UnEmp is a difficult stint. I was six months on the bench. Maybe take some classes. The government has some re-training things out there. Healthcare is a big one.

  2. Bsby,

    Thank you for being a follower of my blog.

    I know that life can be very cruel. It is not easy going through either a spearation or a divorce. Try to remember that when it is all over, the sun will still come up in the morning.

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    Love, Mistress Kathy