Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lots to update!

My March 1 resolution is to kickstart this puppy. So, consider it kickstarted!

Here's an update:

Divorce -

Continued messiness. Just when I thought it was all over, it turns out that she has been keeping secrets -- secrets from me, her lawyer and from the courts. She has a business (that I helped to build) and she claims that it doesn't have any value. I worked there -- I know it does!

Her "expert" valuator basically agreed with our expert valuator before the trial as to the worth of the business. That is what they call a "stipulated" value. So, we assumed there was no disagreement and presented that to the judge. In the spirit of surprise, they "changed their mind" before the trial, catching us by suprise. She claimed that the company was now worth 25% of what they originally agreed to.

The judge bought it.

We had asked for a copy of her agreement with her business partner. In it she had a statement of the company's "fair market value". She lied to us, to the court and her own attorney that it didn't exist... of course it did.

So, we get a copy of it (and it's higher than she claimed, natch) and boom -- we're back in court.

Don't lie people. It ALWAYS catches up with you!

Work -

I got a job. That is a "good thing". Paychecks are awesome, but the work is hard.

Love Life -

Non existant. I did a couple of wild things -- went over to Billings on a speed date. Met all kinds of crazy girls, a Dr, teacher, physicist and a social activist. None of 'em liked me which is allright with old James. I ain't ready to put on the spurs quite yet.

Dogs -

Got a new pup. That's a better friend anyhow.

Well, keep your collective chins up. Stay dry and keep warm. I have been plowing the ranch road and every storm makes it narrower. If we don't get warm weather soon, I'll need to get a thinner truck!


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